In 1:1 coaching we'll work together for 8 - 12 weeks, to explore:

  • The reasons why you drink
  • Your conscious and subconscious alcohol-related beliefs and thoughts
  • The science of alcohol and the reasons why it makes you drink more than you want
  • How to drink more mindfully
  • How to acknowledge the fears you have around taking a break from alcohol
  • The observations and feelings that emerge during an experimental 30 days alcohol-free 
  • How to create powerful mindset shifts so that you don't even desire alcohol 
  • The tools and tactics to make alcohol small and insignificant forever
  • The vision that you have for your life and the strategies to get you there

How it works: 

  • An initial 90 minute strategy call, to explore your goals and set objectives
  • Weekly 60 minute online coaching sessions, with email follow up
  • Weekly tools and tactics to support progress towards goals
  • Support via SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Marco Polo
  • An end-of-programme toolkit, containing strategies and tactics for ongoing success
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